Video Production Services | MakePlayz Media in Virginia Beach, VA
MakePlayz Media is a full service media company serving clients and brands from all around the United States. With 5 years of professional experience in video production, web design, and digital marketing you can be sure that we can get your next project done on time, on budget, and in style.
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So now you’re ready to embark on your video making journey or possibly still looking for the right company, One question you may have is, “What does it take to make a successful video?”

How We Make Videos

  • 01 CONCEPT

    After educating ourselves on your companies desires and goals, our team brainstorms and develops a creative solution for the video.

  • 02 SCRIPT

    The language of a video is crucial. We make sure the script delivers the message your company wants to send, while staying true to your overall brand.


    There are many different techniques that we can use to deliver your message, including videos that tell the story of your company, live action videos, case studies, video tutorials, company training videos, and the list goes on.


    Music is the most powerful tool when prompting emotion. It can dictate the entire mood of your customers as they watch your videos. And because we know this, we thoroughly search for music and sound effects that will accent every aspect of the final video.


    The right voice is key to successfully delivering your message. We make sure that the voiceover professional we choose to work with for your video accurately reflects not only the current video we are working on but your company as a whole.

Video Production Services

MakePlayz Media is based out of Virginia Beach, VA and services clients all around the Hampton Roads area.  However, we’re not just a local company, for 5 years now we’ve been helping different organizations across the country grow and expand their presence through the use of our video production services.


We offer our services to a wide range of companies, athletes, artists, and individual agents.  We offer competitive pricing so that small businesses and entrepreneurs can use our services just like a multi-million dollar company can.  Our number one focus is on delivering a high quality production that drives home the message our clients are looking to deliver.  So whether it’s an explainer video for your small business, an event promotion, or a TV series you’re looking to produce and pitch to Netflix, we can work together to make it happen.


We’ve worked with some of the top athletes in the world, but we’ve also helped build brands from the ground up.  We work with Real Estate agents as they build their reputation and presence in their local markets, and we help CrossFit gyms boost their clientele in highly competitive, booming new industry.  The point is, we have the versatility to work with you, regardless of what it is you’re looking to do.  Video can be a powerful thing when done right, and we’d love to help you drive your business forward through our video production services.